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(..the _REAL_ you..)

::Name: Rachel
::Age: 16
::Location: Florida . . . unfortunetly
::Link us to where you promoted us. 3 times PLEASE:
1- http://www.livejournal.com/users/twisted__lovers/21297.html?view=101425

(..the _REAL_ favorites..)

::Hobbies: singing, acting, dancing, writing, shopping, going to the beach, hanging out with my friens, talking online & the phone, cooking
::Color(s): pink and lime green and yellow
::Movie(s): dead poets society, Troy, national treasure, mean girls, LOTR, little mermaid, peter pan, beauty and the beast, finding nemo . . . yeah ima lil kid inside
::TV Show(s): LAGUNA BEACH!! hello!? sex in the city, american idol, thats so raven, boy meets world, degrassi
::Band/Singer(s): Rob Thomas, Yellow Card, The Ataris, Dashboard Confessional, Alicia Keys, Ashlee Simpson, Kelly Clarkson, and uhm a whole lot more but i cant ever pick my favorites.
::Song: Boys of Summer by The Ataris
::Sport: Hockey!!!!
::Car: i like SUVs!! but i also like white pickups . . .
::Laguna Beach cast member: hmm its a tie between Lo & LC


::State how you feel about these topics in at least two sentences:
::Government: i deffinetly think that the government intervenes a little to much. if you really thinka bout it they control absolutley EVERYTHING that happens, they just hide it behind these so-called "rights of the people".
::The war in Iraq: my opinion would prolly be alot diffrent if i had family over there but i see the war pointless. seriously i dont like it at all.
::Gay marriage: i am a liberal thinker and i am TOTALLY for it. love is love no matter what sex you lover is. and besides whats with every one saying "oh its against god" people pay attention!! god makes EVERYTHING!! if he didnt want people to be gay he wouldnt make them that way. gays and lesbians dont just wake up one morning n say "hmmmmm- i think ill go have sex with aother girl or guy today!!" they are born that way. i dont expect everyone to think the same way as i do its just the way i think</b>
::Abortion: that is totally a personal opinion and since i have never been put in a position like that i dont really have an opinion

(..the_REAL_joke is on you..)

::Make us laugh: uhm okay it was my first day of 10th grade and im a real nerd so i get excited about it. well this year i decided i wanted to have my BFF over for dinner and sleep over the night before. we would get ready for school together so we wouldnt have to walk on campus alone. well i we were up all night being nervous n finally i got to sleep around 4 and laura was sleeping on the floor. i had the alarm set for 6:00a.m. n when it went off it scared the crap outta me. so i got up to turn it off and threw myself back on my bed like i had every day all summer. well instead of landing on the bed or just faliing off the bed- i had to do more. i hit the side of my matress and ricocheted off it. i then hit laura and she woke up totally clueless. when i told her what happened she was laughing so hard she couldnt breath. n actually everyone ive told has laughed just as hard. sirry if you dont find it as funny-- maybe you gotta know me better lol.
::Most embarassing story: uhm i have alot. like the time i slipped infron of a whole buncha customers on frost mix @ work (i work at wendys btw) and uh the time my bathing suit top came off at a party infront of this cute guy i had just met n i was trying to impress
::What is your biggest secret: uhm sometimes i care a little to much about what people think!! =(


::State how you feel about the following in at least one sentence:
::Lauren (LC): some of her personality traits remind me of myself.
::Lo: i love the relationship between her and LC because it reminds me the most of me & my oldest.best friend laura.
::Christina: she and i are not alike at all except for the fact that we both sing so i dont really have much of a opinion
::Kristin: every school has a kristin but sometimes i just wonder if shes not as bitchy as they make her seem on TV
::Morgan: love this girl. i think i prolly look the most like her!! shes goofy too and thats sucha great personality trait. shed make a great friend!!
::Stephen: okay he is really hawt i mean thats obvious but thats all i really have cause i would never date him. id prolly date trey
::Trey: see stephen for opinion ;D
::Talan: oh i do not like this boy. i dont know why really i just get this bad feeling about him

(..the _REAL_ wonders..)

::Which Laguna Beach cast member are you competing for? morgan
::Why this particular person? because if eel most like her
::Why do you want to join this community (in 2-3 sentences, please): i actually love laguna beach so much. its a very cool show and i get caught up in the whole reality tv thing. i know im kinda sad, but I JUST LOVE LB<333 and yeah uh im cool like that i should so be part f this community =)
::Post either 2 pictures, or 1 really good one.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com<--- im on the right
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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