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::Link us to where you promoted us. 3 times PLEASE:

(..the _REAL_ favorites..)

::Hobbies:Cheering, surfing, skating, hanging out with friends,talking to my **girlfriend**lol,shopping,snowboarding
::Color(s):Purple and green
::Movie(s):Mean Girls, Donnie Darko, Blue Crush, Step Into Liquid
::TV Show(s): Laguna Beach, The OC, The gottis
::Band/Singer(s):Taking Back Sunday, NoDoubt, Gwen Stefani, Daddy Yankee,The Killers, Pharell, Fabolous, Nural, The Game, etc.....
::Song:Gwen Stefani "serious"
::Sport:Football, basketball,surfing,skating,softball,snowboarding
::Car:A Silver Bentley
::Laguna Beach cast member:Kristen


::State how you feel about these topics in at least two sentences:
::Government:I'm not really on top of thing's with the government but, there alot of things I agree with and don't agree with. I guess they are trying to do they're best at running this country but, sometimes I get fed up with it...
::The war in Iraq:Well I was always told that fighting never solves anything but, I guess in some cases it does? I think that all the people fighting for our country and our people are very brave...and what would be better then being able to be brave and strong enough to protect the people of your country.
::Gay marriage:All of us are equal no better than the next..but yet people who are in love with the same sex  are not getting equal rights because people have an image of what "right" was of life and same sex marriages are not part of that. I believe that people need to open up their eyes and see that homosexuals are people with feelings, passion, and hope. Homosexual couples have to fight for rights and for respect why would someone not want to let people love someone of their cant stop love or anyones feelings whether you let them marry or not...
::Abortion:I strongly disagree with abortion. I believe that if you are mature enough to have sex then you should be mature enough to deal with the outcome. Now in cases of rape or things like that is another story.

(..the_REAL_joke is on you..)

::Make us laugh:
::Most embarassing story:ok well..last winter my friends and i were all going out and 5 of them were all waiting in my driveway and they were all looking at me when i opned the door and my steps were all icy from the snow and stuff so i was trying to be very very careful going down the stairs and i slipped and fell on my ass infront of my friends..let me just tell you there was nothing else to talk aobut that night and i didnt hear the end of it! wasnt too bad though cuz my friends are idiots themselves and have worse things happen!
::What is your biggest secret:biggest secret: right now it would be my girlfriend lisa(your MOD). i dont want her to be a secret just things are hard right now and people arent that understanding..and the whole ex g/f  is crazy thing.


::State how you feel about the following in at least one sentence:
::Lauren (LC):She's so cute and I feel bad for her cause it seems like Stephan only wants her at times and like he sorta uses her. But it does seem like he's happy he's going to college with her. Maybe they WILL hook up
::Lo:She's sooo cute too. I love her style and she's so
::Christina:Idk i never really payed to much attention to her. Her and Morgan i dont know, not as interesting as the rest of the cast.
::Kristin:Kriten, Kristen, Kristen she's really pretty. Everyone makes her look like a bitch but I dont think she is. Her and Stephen are too cute together!
::Morgan:Like I said before she's not as interesting as the rest of the cast.
::Stephen:SOO hot...really hot and people also make him seem like this payer or whatever but he's really sweet to kristen..except that whole "SLUT" situation....
::Trey:I love his style. Its amazing and Unique and sooooooooo sweet.
::Talan:Now he's hot...but the player..he needed to be more on the show though it looks like he will be though on the 2nd season

(..the _REAL_ wonders..)

::Which Laguna Beach cast member are you competing for? Kristen
::Why this particular person? why Kristen? Because, everyone or almost everyone thinks shes a "boyfriend stealer" and stuff but hey she really likes Stephan and you would probly do the same thing. I like her personality and I can really relate to just basically how she is. shes soo pretty and I like her style and just how she deals with things...except that whole cabo thing that was funny...
::Why do you want to join this community (in 2-3 sentences, please):I want to join because I am a big fan of the show and all the cast memebers ...well most of them and Lisa needs a little bit of help being the MOD of the community and Im pretty good with this kind of stuff so I want to help and be a big part of this community with her
::Post either 2 pictures, or 1 really good one.


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