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New community... --and you have the special spark needed to make this community great. Members actually compete each week to be recognized as the REAL LC, LO, Stephen, Kristin, etc. Hurry to join... first 10 applicants are auto-accepted.


You are competing to be the _REAL_ Laguna Beach members. Once you are accepted/rejected as a member, you will be put on a list. Depending on your involvement in the community, we will choose the "_REAL_ Laguna Cast members of the week". For example, if you are accepted as Kristin, then you have automatically been entered to be the _REAL_ Kristin of the week. If you have questions, post them!



:::...1) Applicants must abide by all rules that follow. If all rules are not properly followed, it is automatic rejection and banishment of the applicant.

:::...2) All applicants must be at least 13 years of age or older to join this community.

:::...3) All applicants who do not fully fill out the application will be automatically rejected. Applicants may try 10 days later for a second chance, but if applicant tries again before the 10 limit is up, it is automatic banishment. YOU ONLY GET ONE SECOND CHANCE.

:::...4) If you are accepted as a _REAL_ member, part of your job is to vote on others that apply. If you do not vote, unless you have notified us prior to, you will be banned. Also, when you vote, you must state yes/no and why/why not, unless it is obvious.

:::...5) WE, as in Lisa and ??, the mods, will make the final decisions when you all vote. It will be fair.

:::...6) After you JOIN...you only have 48 hours to post your application, after that...vamoosh...you never existed in this community.

:::...7) Play Nice (no disrespecting the members or the mods or you will be banned, no questions asked.):)


Copy/Paste application into NEW entry box, make sure it's an LJ-cut!!-->

...:::Promotion Banners:::...
Copy/Paste codes to promote!