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Contest Entry

I'm competing for LC...k, thanks. :)


You like somebody but he/she is already with someone. But, sometimes he/she shows that certain interest in you. How do you react to this? What do you do?

Well, I'd totally flirt with them, of course. I mean, I like them, so why shouldn't I be aloud to flirt, right? About this certain "someone" they're with...I'd just flat-out ask him how he felt about me. I'm an open person, and I can talk to guys about that kind of thing, without being embarrasses. I'd be like, "Well, I've been getting some mixed signals from you, and I'm into you...I seriously need to know how you feel about me." If they said that they liked me, then I'd ask who they liked more...and if he said he didn't know, (SECRETLY) I'd be like "Dump that b***h"...(haha, j/k) Seriously though, I'd give him time to think about it, and whatever he chose would probably be for the best...I like making others happy before making myself happy. I'd get over him, eventually!

(please show us a typical outfit you would wear to school)

(blue and white)
(blue one)


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