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Finally there here!

Im so sorry this took me so long. Its just I had to get stuff together and whatnot. Ok Check out the new contest and the winners from the last contest!! Please, all members compete!! and Promote!!

The Real Kristen is......</font></a></font></a>kandydevil

The Real LC is....</font></a></font></a>make7_upyours
The Real Christina is...</font></a></font></a>katiebird123


Real Contest Entry's (must be at least 3-5 sentances)


Ok.....Lets pretend you've never met Stephens parents before. You both got serious about your relationship and now its time to meet the parents!! Theres gonna be this big family get together and he wants you to come meet the family. BUT you bestfriends boyfriend just broke up with her and she really wants and needs you to be there. What do you do? And what do you wear!! show us Please!


You like somebody but he/she is already with someone. But, sometimes he/she shows that certain interest in you. How do you react to this? What do you do?

(please show us a typical outfit you would wear to school)


Your asked to do an interview for the school newspaper and it will also be filmed. It will be about fashion and just basically about your style-what inspires you-where you shop-etc..How do you respond to those kind of questions? And what would you wear????

Trey- Your putting together this big fashion show snce your first one was such a hit. Your get to have two Top Models as the stars of your show. What two models would you have?(one male/one female and please provide a picture) And why?(and what would you be wearing at you fashion show?)

Christina- Your dad wants you to sing on Sunday at church. But, you have this meeting for the college your going to and there will be tons of scouts for musical plays there looking for fresh new faces. Which would you choose to go to and why? (and how would you look for the ocasion you choose?what would you wear?)

With these contest entries I would also like some promotions Please! we need more memembers..we need guys so target your promotions more on guys this time thanks!! and I dont have a specific day these are due but I would like to have them by the end of this weekend thanks! And I apologize this took me so long but hey here it is!!


Get started!


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