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(..the _REAL_ you..)

::Name: Michelle
::Age: 15
::Location: Georgia
::Link us to where you promoted us. 3 times PLEASE:

(..the _REAL_ favorites..)

::Hobbies: Fast-pitch softball, dance, hanging out with friends, listening to music (specifically Usher), having potato sack races, prank calling people, being crazy.
::Color(s): Baby blue, yellow, pink
::Movie(s): Dumb and Dumber, Mean Girls, Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion, Meet the Fockers, The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, Van Wilder
::TV Show(s): Obviously Laguna Beach, Desperate Houswives, Family Guy, TRL, any station that shows music videos, American Idol, The Bacholar (I’m a sucker for a lot of reality TV shows), and Everybody Loves Raymond (I know that’s for like older people but I just think it’s absolutely hilarious.)
::Band/Singer(s): I love Usher, Ciara, Kenny Chesney, Keith Urban, Santana, Rascal Flatts, Machbox 20, and sometimes Green Day
::Song: 1 2 Step, There Goes My Life
::Sport: Fast-pitch softball to play, football and baseball to watch.
::Car: I just want a car that is decent looking and drives well. The car I’m getting is soooo ugly, but hey it’s a car. But I guess my dream car would be a deep red Pathfinder or Mustang.
::Laguna Beach cast member: Kristin


::State how you feel about these topics in at least two sentences:
::Government: Sometimes I feel like our government doesn’t consider all of our opinions before making a finalized decision. I think that we do have a great government, however. We have more freedoms than almost any other country. I’m truly greatful that I live in America.
::The war in Iraq: Even though I do not agree with the war in Iraq 100%, I do support our troops who are stationed there. I believe that they are the bravest people in our country. I just think that we should’ve made the war our absolute last resort, instead of rushing in there.
::Gay marriage: I believe that love is love, no matter if it is with a person of the same sex or a different sex. If gays want to get married, they should have the right to do so.
::Abortion: I strongly disagree with abortion. I feel like it should only be allowed if the mother or baby is going to be harmed by the mother giving birth. Abortion, in my opinion, is the killing of a baby.

(..the_REAL_joke is on you..)

::Make us laugh:

::Most embarassing story: Hmmm… well when I was little, I used to hang out with my older brother and his friends. When they went to the bathroom, they would sometimes say something like “I gotta go take a dump.” Well, one day, I was outside riding my bike, and my brother and his friend were outside, too. My brother’s friend said he had to go to the bathroom. Well, a couple of minutes later his mom came to pick him up and asked my brother and I where he was, and I said “He had to take a dump.” My brother started yelling at me because that wasn’t a “proper” thing for a 6-year-old girl to say infront of one of his friend’s moms. Sorry that was so gross but it was really embarrassing!
::What is your biggest secret: I used to like one of my best friend’s friends. But this was before I knew him well, and now he’s like a brother to me. I bet Nicole knows who it is!


::State how you feel about the following in at least one sentence:
::Lauren (LC): I think she is absolutely gorgeous. She could get someone better (besides Stephen) who would treat her right. All Stephen does is bounce back to her when something goes wrong with him and Kristin. LC doesn’t deserve that.
::Lo: She’s cute, and I like her fashion sense. She seems like a really good friend to have when you’re down in the dumps.
::Christina: She can carry a tune, but she’s not that great of a singer to me. She sorta brags about being a great singer, but she’s not.
::Kristin: Kristin is my favorite cast member on Laguna Beach. She makes the show so interesting and she’s awesome!
::Morgan: She has great morals, and I really respect her for keeping them in check. She doesn’t give into what’s considered “cool”, and I look up to her for that.
::Stephen: What can I say, an absolute hottie! He needs to decide on who he really loves though, because it’s really starting to piss me off!
::Trey: I think he has an awesome fashion sense! He’s really nice and cute.
::Talan: He wasn’t on the show enough for me to get to know him well, but he was so cute. He got around, too. lol.

(..the _REAL_ wonders..)

::Which Laguna Beach cast member are you competing for? Kristin.
::Why this particular person? She has a good personality, even though some people consider her to be bitchy. But I think that she’s very nice and she cares about her real friends. I also like her fashion sense, and her boyfriend is so hott!
::Why do you want to join this community (in 2-3 sentences, please): Because I love this community! I hate it that Nicole and I can’t be your mods anymore because it was so fun! I really hope that I can stay a part of this community because everybody who is a part of it is awesome.
::Post either 2 pictures, or 1 really good one.

This is me at Nicole’s house in her dress!

I’m on the left.

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